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LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Hills opened in December of 2010. Our external sign reads LaVida Spa Therapy. We were voted #1 for facials by Detroit’s Best in 2013.

LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Hills employs advanced technologies yielding results that are long lasting. We use ultrasonic technology for our facial and FAR infrared energy for our body treatment. In order to hydrate, detox and oxygenate the cells and blood after a service, all of our clients receive Kangen Water that is alkaline, medical grade antioxidant and micro-clustered.

Our center is very clean. Our staff is very professional and experienced. We have eleven rooms, eight massage including a couple’s room, two body treatment rooms and one facial/waxing room. We are open seven days a week. For convenience, appointments can be booked online. LaVida Massage of Bloomfield Hills strives to be the location of choice for massage and esthetic services.

Why are you passionate about your massage business? 

"My passion is to help others. I have over 27 years of experience in the automotive industry as an electrical engineer with a concentration on product development using advanced technologies. As a survivor of a near fatal car accident and cancer, I have been a recipient of regular massage for nearly 20 years. Health and wellness has been my focus. My desire is to educate and promote the benefits of massage within our community so it is viewed as a necessity for longevity as opposed to a luxury service.

I have joy in my heart when clients are completely satisfied and our services have addressed their needs. Our therapists and estheticians are dedicated and committed to helping clients achieve their desired outcomes. I feel privileged to have a business that helps so many, stimulates the economy and employs awesome massage therapists and estheticians."

Infrared Body Melt

FAR infrared energy has been testified to be one of the most effective and secure scientific methods for weight loss, body fat and cellulite reduction, detoxification, stress reduction, pain relief in joints and muscles, improved circulation and leaving skin radiant, smooth and supple.

Weight, BMI, percent body fat and measurements of critical areas of concern are taken. Clients receive a lymphatic massage during application of the barrier creams then are wrapped in the infrared blanket. Measurements are taken again immediately following the treatment. Clients will continue to detox for 72 hours following the 90-Minute treatment.

Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

A stimulating therapeutic treatment that eliminates toxins, improves circulation and exfoliates dead cells leaving skin rejuvenated. Following a full body brush, Ahava liquid sea salt is applied then removed with warm towels. An Ahava body sorbet is then massaged into the skin. This is a 60-Minute body treatment.

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